Seven Inch (7") Silver Disc Awards - Silver Wedding Anniversary

Golden Wedding Anniversary - Seven Inch (7") - Gold Disc Presentation 


The Seven Inch Gold Disc Replica Vinyl Discs (Single - 45rpm) make an ideal gift to celebrate a GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.

Presented in a 10" x 12" (24x30cm) frame including a dedication plate and a selection of mount colours. 


Enter your own personal, loving dedication... we normally limit the content to around 300 characters, we will centre the dedication and put in line breaks where suitable.


The Traditional Music Award Style makes a unique gift for the Happy Couple celebrating the music they've used for the wedding dance,

They also work great as a great 50th Wedding Anniversary gift , sometimes in those good old days a couple may not have had a First Dance but we could produce the No.1 song from the day they got married.